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A film by Camille Fontenier

Francis Maladry, known as «Beaudelot», is a painter from the north of France, who no longer paints owing to illness, a painter who still sketches from memory. In his studio/living room, the artist is shown in his daily routine, and the film examines his relationship with creativity over the course of time. And in Beaudelot’s cheery lair, painting is everywhere: it nestles in a pool of a light, it can be seen in an unlikely collection of pipes lying in ash, a female skull perched under plants, the wanderings of a cat, the allure of a flower, the dramatic plotting of a sketch, the movement of a hand, the charm of a visit, a moment of silence, the call of a blackbird, the choice of words, the expressions of the body and the voice.

2013 / 72' / DCP / color / stéréo

photography : Pierre Choqueux
sound : Camille Fontenier
editor : Philippe Boucq
sound editor : Christian Cartier
sound mixing : Cyrille Lauwerier

Producers Belgium : Sophie Bruneau et Marc-Antoine Roudil
Producer France : François Ladsous

An co-production alter ego films, Les Films du Nord and Image Plus with the support of the Centre du cinéma et de l'audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, du Centre national de la cinématographie et de l'image animée, du CRAV, COSIP-ANGOA. Ce projet a obtenu la bourse brouillon d'un rêve de la SCAM.